Zwergenwiese - Quality - Product guarantee


The gnome’s hat on the lid is a guarantee that it was made by Zwergenwiese


Around 150,000 jars now leave our production line daily. To guarantee the highest product quality at all levels we work successfully with the IFS quality management system, achieving best marks. All the crucial stages of production are recorded and und continuously improved – from the purchase of raw materials through all stations of the manufacturing process through to the careful handling of customer requests.

Continuous laboratory analyses, microbiological and sensory tests guarantee the highest level of product safety. We regularly achieve the best marks from the IFS System because our staff implements this quality system in a committed manner on a daily basis.

Zwergenwiese - Quality - Product guarantee



At Zwergenwiese all recipes are created in-house by our passionate team until they are ready for market after a two to three year development period. The inspirations for our new products come from a wide variety of directions. Sometimes its down to a new raw material that we have discovered, sometimes an idea from a member of our staff and sometimes a customer request.

At Zwergenwiese everything is under one hat: from recipe development, across the complete production chain and through to marketing and customer care und. This guarantees transparency, product safety and customer proximity.

Zwergenwiese - Quality - Product guarantee



True to the motto: “As simple and natural as possible”, the delicatessen products from Zwergenwiese are noted for their especially gentle production methods and short processing times using small quantities. This ensures that the good ingredients and natural taste of the high quality organic raw materials are preserved and that we can completely do without dipping into the chemical box of tricks.

Our products do without flavour enhancers or additives like calcium citrate. To remain as true to the natural product as possible we use unprocessed natural products as much as possible. For example we use whole sweet lupin beans for our LupiLove spreads with all their valuable components. For our mustard specialities we use whole, gently ground peppercorns. You can taste this passion for good raw materials and innovative products in every jar.


Zwergenwiese - Quality - Product guarantee



Zwergenwiese - Quality - Product guaranteeOur buyers are always on the lookout for the best raw materials, and wherever possible from the surrounding region. Short distances, reliable contract partners, the promotion of regional organic farming and close contact with our suppliers play a decisive role in the selection of the organic farmers we use. The establishment of mutual trust and fair pricing have led to contractual partnerships of long standing, which guarantees security and reliability for both the farmers and for Zwergenwiese. Regular visits to the fields of our suppliers, internal and external laboratory analyses and sensory testing of every individual delivery guarantee the best quality. The short distances in our factory enable close cooperation between the buyers, quality assurance and the goods receiving department. After extensive control and acceptance, the raw materials are stored under the best possible conditions. Short storage times and the inspection of the wares prior to production ensure the best possible raw materials are used for the careful manufacture of our products.